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Located on a 21.000 m² area campus within Konya’s Organized Industrial Zone, Ekerler Alüminyum produces aluminum cast coils, high-pressure die casting products and aluminum discs as semi-finished products which are used in the kitchenware and cookware industry.

With a continuous casting technology, Ekerler Alüminyum is capable of producing 1000 tons cast coils per month and 650 ton aluminum discs per month. Ekerler Alüminyum has made an indelible impression on the aluminum sector in a short span of time thanks to its guiding principle of providing customers with a quality product and outstanding service from its innovative management and professional staff.

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Our company’s priority is product quality and customer satisfaction. Being aware of the fact that investments made in our people to further our vision is the most important capital, our aim is to provide the best service to our valued customers.

Ekerler Alüminyum